Camera Ready!

Preparing for your Senior Session

Your Photo Session Preparation is the most important part of the entire session itself.  Period.  If you are not properly prepared, it will reflect in your photos.  Please see below for the recommendations that we make in order for your session to run smoothly, and so your photos turn out how you want them to look!

Tick – Tock Goes the Clock …

Arrive 15 minutes before your session. Please note that appointments are often scheduled back-to-back. In order to be fair to the client after you, if you are late it will cut into your session time.


Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

Wear your makeup as usual but slightly heavier than normal. Avoid makeup with an SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine. Remember to also bring powder with you to reapply as needed in order to control shine.


Taming the ‘Do

Hairstyle changes can sometimes give unwanted results so we suggest you avoid changing your hairstyle or getting your hair cut before your session. Please schedule haircuts at least a week before your session and if you color your hair, don’t forget your roots! Touch up highlights one to two weeks before your session. Fast hairstyle changes during your session are permitted, but make it quick because the clock is ticking on your session time.


The Forecast

Because we work on location outdoors, we are constantly checking the weather. If it should rain, we will reschedule your session for another day. Cloudy days, however, are great for photography as there is no glare to work around!


A Clear Picture

All of your finished portraits will be touched up, so don’t worry if you break out just before your session. We will do minor touch ups before you see your proofs and detailed touch ups on your ordered prints.



Don’t over-do the tanning before your session. We recommend you let your skin rest from tanning for at least three days before your session. Also, do remember tan lines when you are choosing your wardrobe for your session. You will want to avoid tan lines from showing, specifically on your neck and shoulders.


Accessorize You!

Accessories are a MUST! They help to add dimension to your images. Don’t forget to add hats, scarves, jewelry, boots, jackets, belts, or coats to your basic outfits.


Make it Personal

Personal items help visually define you. Think about sports equipment, musical instruments, posters, pennants, teddy bears, hunting equipment, skateboards, uniforms, and collectibles. Think about your interests and how you can incorporate them into your photos.


Shoe Stress

Shoes are an accessory that aren’t included in many photos. Most of your favorite shots will be concentrated on your face, and many other shots will be above the belt-line. In contrast, if you do have a favorite pair of boots or shoes you would like to use, we will be sure to work them in!


Show It Off!

Bring something unique. Assemble at least one outfit that represents your wild side! Be cool. Be colorful. Be a little crazy. Be fashionable. Be unique. Be chic. Be Vogue!


Cool Colors

Stripes, plaids and detailed prints are not everyone’s friend. Conversely, the camera loves solid colors and jewel tones…be BOLD. Black is back and it looks great on everybody! Think “creative.” Think “variety.” Think “outside the box!” We want you to bring several color choices so we can coordinate them with different backgrounds and the most flattering sets for you.


Swapping Seasons

Choose different styles, colors, and textures of clothing. Remember that your pictures can represent all seasons so bring a range of clothing despite the actual weather.


Pulling It All Together

Iron and prep your clothes the day before your session. Did I you say IRON, yes iron! Group them together on hangars according to each outfit. (Don’t forget to pack the proper under garments too!) Try on the outfits and be critical of the way they fit. If you don’t like the way it looks now, then you won’t like it in a photograph either. Don’t forget to pack your make-up, jewelry, props, and hair products. A little preparation will make your session stress-free and fun-filled!


See you in the Lens!!