Winter finally arrived in January!

If you live around St. Louis, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve had a very mild winter to-date. However, earlier this week, I woke to a beautiful and frosty scene out my back window.Continue Reading

Want to take better pictures during the holidays…or anytime?

The holidays are upon us…just a couple more weeks and Christmas will be here. With all the parties and get-togethers on your calendar, you know you will be taking your camera along to snap some memories. So, if you’ve been less than pleased with the picture you have taken in the past, here are a few tips to help you capture some better pictures this year.Continue Reading

Choosing your Senior Portrait Photographer | Radiant Images Photography

For the class of 2012, senior year is fast approaching. There will be many decision made in these next few months, not least of which should be WHO will take your senior portraits? This and many other questions should command careful consideration and not be solely driven by cost. So, how do you choose your senior portrait photographer? Very carefully!

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Katharina Smith, Studio Director of Photographic Essays, a studio in Woodinville WA.  “Look at photographs from last year’s seniors – on their ads, in their studios, and in person. Ask your friends with past seniors if you can look at their portraits. The way you see other kids in their work should make them look natural, not overly posed.

While your photographer should be on the “same page” as you and your child, most photographers won’t have a complete vision until they’re in the session, working one on one with the senior, alone. That’s when real personality and real involvement comes out.

If the photographer is good at what they do, they will be very personable and someone you feel at ease with quickly… and that will translate to real expressions.

Pricing shouldn’t be the deciding factor, because you get what you pay for. Yes, in this digital age, its easy to get things quickly and cheaply, but that’s exactly what you’ll be getting — quick cheap work. A real artist knows the value of their skill, and their prices will reflect that.

This is one of the only times your child will have special portraits made of just them – its worth every cent you put into it, because you will never have this time back and you will always want to remember it.”

As stated above, you shouldn’t trust your senior portraits to anyone with a nice digital camera. Save for and make the investment in quality, custom photography. You will be glad you did.

Custom Photography, an Investment? | St. Charles County Custom Photographer | Radiant Images Photography

What would you consider to be your greatest investment?  Something you saved for, dreamed about, planned for?  It is probably something you spent a great amount of time thinking about, weighing the options on and then finalized your decision.

I’ve often heard that the greatest investment you’ll ever make is on the purchase of your home.  You consider the cost and the size. The square footage and the wallpaper. Every detail is brought into focus. You insure it for its protection – and your peace of mind.  But what about the unplanned detours life brings us? As we have seen recently in the news, tragedy strikes in a moment with tornados, fires, tsunamis and more.  What if that happened to you?  What if you came home to your home on fire?  While thankfully, your pets and family had already evacuated, consider if you had just a few precious moments to grab things of great importance before the home was consumed?

Would it be the kitchen spoons or the portrait of your baby on her first birthday? Would it be the couch cushions or the portrait of your grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary or perhaps the portrait of your wedding day?  How about your child’s senior portraits and graduation photo? Your family portrait before the kids all left for college and careers?

While your home indeed is one of the greatest investments you will purchase, I’d submit to you that it is the memories that are on display that are the true investment.

Radiant Images understands the value of your portraits. They understand that you’ve saved financially for them, planned and set aside time for them, and dreamt about what the perfect photo would look like hanging over the fireplace.  They know that you want quality products that will become heirlooms in your own family lineage. They are honored that you would consider them and they will give you great return on your investment with quality portraits, fine art prints and custom canvas gallery wraps to adorn your home.

Radiant Images is invested in you too!  They spend their time and money on ever increasing education in order to create fabulous portraits that turn into pieces of art for your home.  They know and believe that their images will be the ones you grab off your walls should the unthinkable happen.

Radiant Images is waiting for you to contact them today so you can begin investing in your future!


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