2013 Senior Portrait Scholarship Awarded

It was an honor tonight to be among 30 community presenters at Holt High School for their awards night honoring 2013 graduates. Radiant Images presented at Senior Portrait Scholarship to a very deserving young lady. This all came about after several years in business and being blessed with wonderful, loyal clients I felt a duty to give back in some small way. Because one of my areas of focus is high school seniors,  I spoke with a guidance counselor at Holt High School and told her about my desire to award a senior portrait scholarship. She loved the idea and enlisted several other counselors who each nominated a student to receive this scholarship. The recipient was chosen based on recommendations from the counselor nominating them and also their own words written in their essay as to why they felt they should be awarded the portrait scholarship.

It was a difficult decision, all of the nominees certainly deserved to be honored. The 2013 recipient has overcome challenges and obstacles in her life with grace and determination. She is an inspiration to those who know her. We are proud of her accomplishments and know that this is only the beginning for her.  The 2013 recipient of the Radiant Images Senior Portrait Scholarship is Malayssa Hughes. Congratulations Malayssa, you are a beauty! To view Malayssa’s senior images, please go to her blog post.




The Whiting Twins | Holt High School | 2013 Senior

Every senior session is different, unique personalities, some are funny, some are serious, some laugh while trying to do a serious pose, while others find it impossible to smile naturally. Generally, guys are the biggest offenders of not smiling naturally. Not so with Brandon and Alec. Because they were together on their senior session, they could bust each other if one gave a fake smile. I loved it! These two are easy, laid back, and genuinely great guys!

Being an only child, I really have no idea what it’s like to share… anything :) … especially to share the same birth date, be dressed alike when young, and basically just always have a sibling with you. I’m certain there are times that you would wish you were an only child. I’ve actually had people tell me that! Not these two… I could tell, even though they are individuals and are going their separate ways for college, there’s still a strong bond there. One that cannot be broken. My hope it that when they look back on all of the ‘togetherness’ they have shared, they will remember all of the fun, laughs and love that has been experienced too. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments Alec and Brandon, I wish you all the best life has to offer!








Brandon | Holt High School Class of 2013

Meet Brandon. He is a 2013 graduate of Wentzville Holt High School. He is one of two, a twin, however they are both very unique individuals as I discovered during their dual shoot. From the first phone call to schedule his senior session I felt as though I was communicating with a very mature young man. I have certainly enjoyed getting to know Brandon and his brother Alec. Brandon chose to bring his guitar along for a few shots for his senior portraits. I love it when seniors do this, it really helps to show who they are.

Yes, they are twins, but they are also separate personalities, and this is why I chose to post their images separately. Thank you Brandon for choosing Radiant Images for your high school senior portraits. You were truly a delight to work with.

Brandon | High School Senior

Brandon | High School Senior

Brandon | High School Senior

Brandon | High School Senior For more of Brandon’s senior portraits, check out our Facebook page.


Alec | Holt High School Senior Class of 2013

Alec, twin to Brandon, but again an individual. I am blown away by how sincerely polite and genuine both of these young men are. In just a few short months, after being together their entire life, they will finally spread their wings and fly off to college. And, no, they are not going to the same school! :)  One of Alec’s hobbies are the drums. He brought a part of this drum set with him to use in a few of his high school senior portraits. GREAT idea, we captured some really cool shots! Alec, you and your brother were very gracious to allow me to capture you both, together and separately. Thank you for the privilege.

Alec | High School Senior

Alec | High School Senior

Alec | High School Senior

Alec | High School SeniorTo view more of Alecs’ images, check out our Facebook page.


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Additional Details:

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