Mike + Ashton | St. Louis Missouri Wedding Photographer

For May in St. Louis, it was pretty warm and muggy this past Saturday. To compound the temps, the limo the wedding party was in was absent a working air conditioner. YIKES! They were still troupers however. Thank you Amanda Zika of Dreaming Tree Photography for asking my to second shoot with you. You are always a delight! Here are a few images from the wedding of Mike and Ashton…


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  1. Love her dress! Looks like this was fun to shoot!

  2. Ah, that first one is cool, love the architectural elements.

  3. Pretty!

  4. Monica Grimes says:

    What a fun couple!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Fun session! Her dress is great and I love her veil!

  7. Beautiful bride and groom!

  8. gorgeous work!

  9. Yikes no AC??!! Great shots.

  10. Chris Noakes says:

    I always loved shooting weddings, everyone is always so happy haha. Love this shoot, very well done. :)

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