Senior Portraits…What am I gonna wear?

So you have picked your photographer and booked your session… Now What!? For some of you this is the easiest part. You can go straight to your closet and pick out your top 3 outfits in no time. For others, you may need a bit more inspiration. If digging through your closet with no direction seems a bit overwhelming, it may be time to crack open your laptop and look for some new ideas… Don’t worry! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration to get you back on track! Inspiration for your session can come from many things including your favorite magazines, store catalogs and, of course, the internet. A good way to start is to find things you like and rip them out, save them online or snap a picture with your phone. A lot of times you may find that things you love in magazines and online are similar to things you already own, but restyled in a whole new way!

One of the best ways to find a whole lot of style ideas fast is hitting the Internet. One website I really love is Polyvore. Polyvore is a great site that lets you build outfits right on your screen. You can search for items you already own or grab a few new items to add to your session wish list. Try using the Polyvore’s search tab and typing in your favorite clothing stores name or maybe just search your favorite color. You can drag the items right to your own style board and mix and match all different choices from accessories, shoes, jeans and more. Another fun site to hit when looking for inspiration is Pinterest. In order to become a member you have to be invited, but you don’t have to be a member to use their search bar. Pinterest is a huge web based pin board of fabulous Internet finds that has been collected by millions of users. Try searching for “teen style”, “senior session style” or a great one to search is “polyvore” which will bring up a ton of outfits other users have already created.

Now that you have made your outfit choices, put a few items on your shopping list, and hit your BFF up for borrowing a few things. It is time to talk accessories. I absolutely love when my clients bring accessories to their session. A great necklace, a chic belt, a fun textured bracelet or a hat can be an amazing way to take everyday wear to the next level. Think of them like icing on a cupcake… A must have right?

I ask my clients to bring different accessories for each outfit they plan on wearing. Its a good idea to lay out your outfits and start layering on the “icing”. Of course your first stop should always be to your own collection, but if you are missing a few things check out sites like Forever 21, which has necklaces, rings bracelets and hair accessories starting under $2. For less than $15 you should be able to find some great pieces that will help make a statement. If you are feeling really crafty and have a little time before your shoot, think about creating a few items yourself. Hit your local craft store or head back to Pinterest and start searching topics like “DYI headbands” “DYI scarves” and “DYI jewelry. This would be a fabulous way to ensure your portraits will be totally unique.

Remember Senior Portraits are designed to be all about you. Your personal style is what makes you fabulous and with a little planning, you can guarantee a successful shoot. Of course, as your photographer, we are always here to help you and would be happy to answer any questions. We can’t wait to see all of the great outfits you have chosen!

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