Winter finally arrived in January!

If you live around St. Louis, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve had a very mild winter to-date. However, earlier this week, I woke to a beautiful and frosty scene out my back window.

I love birds and this woodpecker caught my eye immediately. He was hanging onto the edge of the feeder tray picking seeds out of the feeder on this frosty morning. He was really the only color visible thanks to his red head. :) The field and grasses behind our house were covered in frost and the sun streaming in was a sight to behold.

Fast forward to today…the sight I now see out my back window is definitely a wintry one. The temperature has dropped at least 40 degrees since yesterday and the wind is howling something fierce.

Yet, still the birds are weathering it just fine…sitting at the feeder enjoying an early dinner and on this cold, blustery day.  I, too,  am anticipating a hot, steamy bowl of the vegetable soup simmering on the stove.

To everything, there is a season. Winter comes every year to much of the United States and brings with it shorter days, frigid temperatures and a look of death. But, rest assured, just below the surface of this wintry terrain, the lilies, tulips and daffodils wait for those first few warm days of spring to burst through the ground as the whole process begins once again. I am definitely a seasons girl. Born and raised in the mid-west, I love the changing of the seasons. I’ve lived in Florida and Texas where the seasonal changes are much milder and subdued, but I prefer the sharp lines of contrast between winter, spring, summer and fall. I look forward to walking through these days of winter and anticipating the warmth of spring to come.

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  1. You are so lucky to have snow. And I love that first image. Beautiful! That would look gorgeous blown up on a huge canvas over a fireplace mantel.

  2. Beautiful views! I wish we could get some snow. I live in New Jersey and the temperature never went below 40. ridiculous!

  3. So beautiful, so crisp… and I envy that yummy bowl of soup!

  4. Things have been very mild here in the PNW also. In fact, it’s been hard to think of it as winter. The down side, all the weeds are already sprouting all over my yard!

  5. We have not gotten any snow yet, Texas, would love some winter. We have cardinals all over our area right now.

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